‘SNL’ Weekend Update Took On Joe Biden’s Epic Press Conference, The New M&Ms, And Dwayne Johnson’s Dinosaur

We’re a mere three weeks into 2022, and any hopes that it would be less weird than 2021 — or than 2020, or than 2019, or than 2018, etc. — have been quickly dashed. And SNL‘s Weekend Update, as ever, was here to remind us of that. For starters, there’s Joe Biden. He’s no Donald Trump, so he’s got that going for him. But he doesn’t have much else, and not even Tom Hanks can save him. Last week, to mark the end of his first year in office, Biden held a two-hour press conference — or as Colin Jost put it, “because that’s how long it took to list everything that’s gone wrong.”

Jost also noted it’s the longest presidential presser in American history, adding, “But as I’ve been told many times before, just because you went for a long time doesn’t mean you did a good job.”

There was also the controversy over the M&Ms character redesign, which sought to make them more “progressive.” There was a fair amount of online dragging. Meanwhile reasonable adult man Tucker Carlson got mad that he no longer found these cartoon characters representing chocolate candy “sexy.” But Jost didn’t seem to miss it, joking people requested that “the brown M&M not look like a teacher that has sex with her students.

Then there’s Dwayne Johnson, who turned heads by recording a video in his home in front of a massive T-Rex skull, which he later claimed was a replica. “Johnson also said it’s just a coincidence that his diet calls for a thousand pounds of dinosaur meat a day,” Jost cracked.

There were also jokes about Kyrsten Sinema, new Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin banning Critical Race Theory from schools that never taught it, and old Jeffrey Epstein pal Prince Andrew, “England’s most eligible bachelor,” who deleted his Twitter account, Jost joked, “after realizing that’s not the app with all the dancing teenagers.”

You can watch Weekend Update in the videos above and below.