‘SNL’ Weekend Update Roasted Trump Over His ‘Advent Calendar Of Losing’ Trying To Overturn Election Results

Plenty has happened in the political world in SNL’s few weeks off since the conclusion of the 2020 election, so it’s no surprise that the show’s cold open stayed with election fodder. The same can be said for Weekend Update, which took aim at Donald Trump’s failing attempts to overturn the election he lost.

Calling the prolonged attempt to overturn results in several states an “Advent calendar of losing,” host Colin Jost joked that the ordeal has proven the Trump campaign will “never stop fighting, except the coronavirus.”

Jost also poked fun of Trump’s “psychotic OnlyFans” video where he rambled through all the various ways the election was stolen from him. The show, unfortunately, taped too early in the day to include anything from Trump’s latest rally where he insisted he didn’t lose the election by millions of votes and the same margin he beat Hillary Clinton by in the electoral college in 2016.

“Trump said this was a ‘rigged election at the highest level.’ Dude, you’re the highest level. You were in charge when the election happened,” Jost said. “And, hey. Look, I’ll believe any conspiracy theory you want as long as in 44 days, you leave.”

He then spoofed some of the various conspiracy theories that have made the rounds both online and in the mouth of the president. Later in the segment, Michael Che made a joke about the White House Christmas decorations as well.