Will Ferrell Takes Fighter Pilot Names To Ridiculous New Heights On ‘SNL’

Not every fighter pilot goes by a slick handle like “Maverick” or “Iceman.” Sometimes “Clown Penis” is the one racing through the skies. Hmm? That’s right, Clown Penis.

Will Ferrell is a fighter pilot with that unusual moniker in this ridiculous SNL sketch where a collection of pilots approach the Korean peninsula. His fellow pilots Wild Card, Sidewinder and Viper are all a bit confused by his choice of nickname, but Ferrell adamantly stands by it.

“A joke? Ma’am, a pilot’s callsign is very serious,” he explains. “When an enemy sees me on his tail, I want him to feel the same way you would if a clown showed you his penis. Confused, unsettled and, most of all, very, very scared. Rest assured, if you a clown penis, me or either a clown’s penis, it’s not your day.”

Don’t let Clown Penis’s relaxed and confident demeanour fool you. Things do not pan out well for the flyboy as the mission continues. Considering the collection of doomed pilots Ferrell’s played on Saturday Night Live from flight suit Bush to furious airline pilot and beyond, it makes sense that ol’ Clown Penis doesn’t have the best time.