Snooki: The Situation Is Broke

11.04.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

Yesterday, Matt touched on some of the more infuriating details from a recent interview Snooki did with GQ. The whole thing made him blind with rage, justifiably, so he may have missed one interesting little tidbit: Snooki says Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is broke:

GQ: So what do you spend your money on?

Snooki: I save it. Jersey Shore is going to end soon. I’m not going to spend money like Mike [The Situation]. He’s already broke!

Now, look, this could certainly be true. We’ve seen people go broke on far more money than The Situation has raked in (*coughHammercough*). And The Situation has never struck me as guy who has a rock solid investment scheme and long-term view on his finances. But, as always, it’s a good idea to take a step back and look at your source when you see a quote like this. I mean, I’m not saying you should question the accuracy of financial statements made by a woman whose biggest claim to fame is getting dumptrucked on umbrella drinks at trashy boardwalk clubs and accidentally displaying her vagina to strangers, but… …

No, that is what I’m saying. You should definitely do that. As an ironclad personal policy, preferably.

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