Snoop Dogg Gave A Very Questionable Answer About A Horse On ‘Family Feud’ Fast Money

In case you somehow missed it, Snoop Dogg competed on Sunday night’s Celebrity Family Feud, facing off against Sugar Ray Leonard. Snoop impressively managed to beat Leonard to the buzzer for a marijuana-related question only to awkwardly bungle the answer, but apparently that still wasn’t the weirdest moment of the episode.

In this “Fast Money” outtake, Steve Harvey intuitively tells Snoop, “this could be something really good, or you ’bout to be on YouTube.” Snoop’s partner impressively managed to score 141 points in the first round, which meant that he only needed 59 to win. He’s got that in the bag!

And it seemed that way, with mostly easy, celebrity-fed questions like “name a salad dressing you’d find at most salad bars” and “name something that happens in the month of April.” But when asked the question, “fill in the blank: pie in the what,” Snoop gave the mind-boggling answer: “horse.”

Horse? Horse?? As Harvey read through his answers — the man who once read the wrong winner of Miss Universe, mind you — he predictably lost it. Snoop amazingly had gotten to 199 points by the “horse” answer, and, as Harvey told the audience, “Sometimes god hears and answers prayers, I now get to find out what the hell he said.”

“When your brain cells have suffered a little bit, you’re going to have moments like this… this is going to be on YouTube,” Harvey continued. “Because Snoop just said ‘pie in the horse.’ What the hell is he talking about?” Suffice to say, Snoop got a big old goose egg for that one, but managed to clinch it at the end with his answer to “name a color in a traffic light” to win $25,000 for his charity.