‘The Walking Dead’ Reveals The Name Of Rosita’s Baby And Confirms A Time Jump


Each week, as part of its TWD X Reveals campaign, The Walking Dead releases information on the upcoming season of the series. During the first week of the campaign, we saw the first unmasked photo of Thora Birch as the new Whisperer, Gamma. In week two, we got our first look at Virgil (Kevin Carroll of The Leftovers) as what appears to be a new character for Oceanside, and last week, AMC delivered ten new images of the tenth season of The Walking Dead set ten years after the zombie apocalypse.

In the fourth week of the campaign (meaning there are only six more weeks until the tenth season debut), The Walking Dead released a new image of Rosita’s baby revealed her name: Socorro, which means “help” or “relief” in Spanish. The name was actually selected with the help of Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita. It’s a name that has been passed through several generations of women in Serratos’ family.


We also learn that Eugene will have a unique place in the Love Quadrangle between father Siddiq, mother Rosita and boyfriend Gabriel, one that is “a very important role in the child’s life.” No other details were given, but based on the new photo above, it looks as though he may be the nanny, albeit a reluctant one. Socorro, who will go by the nickname of “Coco,” on the series, joins Lil Ass Kicker, Judith, and Hershel Rhee as the third baby born on the series. The arrival of the baby also confirms that The Walking Dead have another modest time jump, from the winter — and the snow zombies — we saw in the season nine finale, into the Spring.

The Walking Dead will return for its tenth season on October 11th.