Pete Davidson And Rami Malek Do The Inevitable Parody Of ‘Squid Game’ On ‘SNL’

Perhaps you’ve heard of Squid Game. It’s the biggest global televisual sensation right now, watched by so many people Netflix has gotten sued in its native South Korea for breaking internet traffic records. And to prove that a program from a non-American country in a non-English language has truly penetrated subtitle-hating America, it got sent up on SNL.

The parody takes the form of a music video, sending up Branchez & Big Wet’s country hit “Turn Up On the Weekend.” Host Rami Malek and Pete Davidson — who also impersonated each other in a separate live sketch — play down-on-their-luck contestants in the deadly game, which invites the cash-strapped to endanger their lives for money.

“There’s a robot girl who caught me running, better duck behind the nearest guy,” Davidson sings as he hops behind fellow cast member Chris Redd, who’s then shot down by the creepy robot girl from the show.

Eventually Davidson turns on Malek, letting him be killed in his place. (“I just won the Squid Game, killed all of my friends to win the Squid Game.”) He wins, but he does something deeply foolish: He bets his entire winnings on the Jets, forcing him to return to the game. Perhaps it’s an ending Lebron James would have preferred.

You can watch the sketch in the video above.