St. Louis Now Has Hipsters And The Local News Is ON IT!

07.29.13 6 years ago 35 Comments


Have y’all ever been to St. Louis? If you have, like I have, you’d know that it’s arguably the whitest, most boring city in America. A place where the food is impossibly unremarkable and most of the bars close not long after the sun goes down. It’s so white that it’s currently vying for the title of Jorts Capital of America. Now that’s WHITE!

With all of that said, it should probably come as no surprise that hipsters — one can only presume an enormously sad strain — have apparently finally migrated to St. Louis, and the locals are fascinated with these new, odd creatures. A report on hipsters from KSDK in St. Louis that ran last week is, as Ufford put it, is “like watching your mom rap.” I mean, they even put the definition up on the screen for their viewers…

hipster report

Further, this is a sentence that was actually spoken in the report from an actual news station and not from The Onion: “Whether it is a record shop selling music not currently on the Billboard charts or a quirky clothing store selling stuff you probably won’t find in a mall, so-called hipster hangouts can be found on just about every corner, including a locally owned coffee shop, The Mud House.”


(Via Ufford)

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