Starz Renews ‘Spartacus’ Super Early

The second season of “Spartacus” doesn’t debut until January 27th, but Starz announced today that the show has already been renewed for a third season (the six-episode “Gods of the Arena” prequel isn’t counted as a season). It seems to be a preemptive vote of confidence for new series star Liam McIntyre, who replaced Andy Whitfield in the title role after Whitfield left the show to die from cancer. Bummer.

Embedded below is an early look at Season 2, subtitled “Vengeance,” in which the producers and actors talk about, like, vengeance and slaves and Rome and stuff. It was pretty boring to me, because I was just trying to get screencaps of any possible sex scenes, but none ever appeared on-screen. It was all just a bunch of mostly naked ripped dudes looking at each other before they finally engaged in a little swordplay, which sounds only slightly gayer than it actually is.