Stephen Colbert Has A Stacked ‘Daily Show’ All-Star Team Joining Him For A Special ‘Late Show’

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has assembled a living, breathing Daily Show Hall of Fame squad for a special edition of his late night chat show.

Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms and Rob Corddry will be popping by Colbert’s network TV digs on May 9 for what’s being billed as a “special evening of comedy and conversation.” Presumably, a good chunk of that comedy and conversation will have to do with the current political climate, but there’s always a chance it’s a one hour Q&A with Corddry about the second Hot Tub Time Machine film. Seeing as Bee and Oliver have been critically feted for their Trump coverage, we’re betting on the political climate thing. Anyway, it sounds like a pretty neat time.

Stephen Colbert has seen his ratings rise while carving out his own piece of the pop culture landscape, but at present he’s currently navigating backlash over his “c*ck holster” remark made during his gloves off shots at Donald Trump on Monday’s Late Show. The hashtag #FireColbert picked up some steam online with Trump supporters slamming the joke as homophobic. At the time of publishing, Colbert has not yet commented publicly on the #FireColbert campaign.