Stephen Colbert Is Absolutely Flabbergasted By The Incessant ‘Almost Too Florida’ Twists In The Matt Gaetz Scandal

While Gutfield! may be the talk of social media when it comes to late night fodder, the more established shows are having a field day with the growing allegations against Florida congressman Matt Gaetz. The Representative is under federal investigation for what’s been described as sex trafficking and other crimes regarding travel with a 17-year-old women along with other reports about drug use and paying for sex.

And as Venmo transactions and other details continue to emerge, Stephen Colbert simply can’t believe how Florida this story has become. Colbert’s take on the situation starts at around the 7:30 mark above, but he starts by calling the drama the “most wonderful, terrible story in the news.” The crimes Gaetz may have committed are horrible and, quite frankly, QAnon-level from an elected official. But it’s really staggering to see the hubris Gaetz and at least one of his friends seem to have about the whole situation.

The segment, called “Gaetz Gaete,” detailed all the sordid details that we know so far, but even he admitted it was all a bit too much.

“I know Gaetz is from Florida, but Bahama sex trafficking with weed-peddling hand surgeon is almost too Florida, even for him,” Colbert said. “At this point it just feels like we’re generating his crimes at random.”

He then pulled some new crimes for Gaetz out of a hat, and we’ll have to see if that prediction plays out. Meanwhile, the House Ethics Committee is looking into allegations against Gaetz in addition to the Justice Department’s investigation that’s still ongoing, so things continue to get worse for the embattled Trump ally in Florida.