Stephen Colbert Is Taking ‘The Late Show’ Live Following The Debates

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert has been doing his best to settle into his role as a late night host on broadcast during perhaps one of the craziest election seasons of recent memory, after being one of the few voices on cable’s late night world that people turned to for political takes. Colbert’s colorful history has shone through a few times, which has excited fans who wish to see more of Colbert’s political side in his new, fairly apolitical gig. These have turned into important, funny and very Colbert moments and lead us to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert taking a turn for the serious in the coming months.

After test driving out live episodes following the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer, Colbert will be going live again this Fall, reports The AV Club. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will be going live after the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, with Colbert getting to provide his own, unique views and comedy focused on whatever absurdities occur (which there will be absurdities).

That means to prepare for live Colbert on September 26, October 4 and October 19. While they have yet to announce guests just yet, chances are that they will be guests familiar with politics and able to help Colbert to dissect and riff off of the debates. With Colbert settling into his new gig a bit more the show was bound to veer away from The Late Show with David Letterman that once occupied the same space, but times, they are a’changing.

(Via The AV Club)

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