Stephen Colbert Couldn’t Resist A Birther Joke While Helping President Obama Improve His Résumé

10.18.16 2 years ago

Between laying the groundwork for manned missions to Mars by the 2030s and lifting longstanding restrictions on Cuban cigars and rum, President Barack Obama seems to be enjoying his final months in office. Yes, the greater part of his last two years has also included the wildly popular (and dangerous) presidential campaign of Donald Trump, but seeing as how January 20, 2017 is only three months away, it’s hard to blame the outgoing president for wanting to GTFO. Hence his surprise appearance on Monday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Instead of discussing Hillary Clinton‘s campaign or pertinent policy issues, however, Obama’s brief sit-down with Colbert involved a discussion of the 55-year-old politician’s résumé. Things like the commander-in-chief’s lack of promotion during the past eight years (“There wasn’t a lot of room for advancement in my last job”) and his workplace preference (“A nice corner office, or at least an office that has corners in it”). Yet the best moment came when Colbert’s character Randy noticed a discrepancy in Obama’s résumé:

COLBERT: It doesn’t say here… Where were you born?

OBAMA: Really?

COLBERT: Is this the longest form of this résumé available?

OBAMA: Why don’t we move on?

That’s right. In character or not, the Late Show host mock-grilled the president with a birther joke. You know, in reference to that silly conspiracy Trump started (but denied), then tried to downplay during a joke press conference in September.

At least Colbert gifted Obama (and the rest of America) with a GIF-able moment, courtesy of Snapchat’s “flower crown” filter. Then again, considering the Obama family’s penchant for vacationing in Hawaii, the president will probably be wearing an actual flower crown come January 21, 2017.


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