Stephen King Wants Netflix To Bring Back ‘Under The Dome,’ But This Time ‘Actually Doing The Book’

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I watched two seasons of Under the Dome, and the only thing I remember about the CBS series is that it took place under a dome. Otherwise: nothing. It was not a good show, despite a talented cast including Dean Norris (in his first post-Breaking Bad recurring role) and Britt Robertson, but don’t take my word for it: here’s Stephen King deciding that June 13, 2019, nearly four years after Under the Dome went off the air, is the right time to take a shot at the show.

“How about Netflix bringing back UNDER THE DOME, only starting from scratch and actually doing the book?,” King tweeted. He’s not wrong: published in 2009, Under the Dome is one of the author’s better books of the 2000s; meanwhile, Under the Dome, the show, is a Simpsons Movie footnote.

King’s shade-throwing tweet is a far cry from a letter he published on his website in 2013. In response to “miffed” readers who didn’t care for “the TV version of Under the Dome [varying] considerably from the book version,” he wrote that many of the book-to-show changes “have been of necessity, and I approved of them wholeheartedly… If the solution to the mystery were the same on TV as in the book, everyone would know it in short order, which would spoil a lot of the fun (besides, plenty of readers didn’t like my solution).”

Expect Netflix to announce a five-season commitment to Under the Dome any day now. And why not Cujo and Thinner reboots while we’re at it, too?

(Via Stephen King on Twitter)