The Details Behind Steve Harvey’s Massive New Miss Universe Hosting Deal

The gaffe seen ’round the world at the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday left host Steve Harvey practically speechless on stage, as he struggled to find the words to explain to the world that he had read the card incorrectly and announced the wrong winner. However, despite his mistake, Entertainment Tonight is reporting that it’s likely the comedian will still be back to host next year, and perhaps the foreseeable future.

A source close to production tells ET that the 58-year-old comedian and Family Feud host signed a multi-year contract to host Miss Universe just days before the pageant aired Sunday, and that his paycheck is “more than they’ve ever paid before for a host.”

The source says the deal is for at least three years, possibly even as many as six or seven.

The likelihood of Harvey being asked to relinquish his duties as host for next year are slim. After all, we’re still talking about Miss Universe days after it aired, and producers will want to strike while the iron is hot.

With the contract Harvey signed last week, he could potentially be the show’s host through 2022.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)