‘Steve Harvey Show’ Guest: Popeye’s Fried Chicken Makes Me Orgasm

04.09.13 19 Comments

It’s kind of a shame that Popeye’s is considered fast food, because it so stands out to me from the rest of the traditional offerings in that food category. Sure, I’m a Louisiana guy, so I’m a little biased, but the sh*t is just sooooo good. And the sides. THE. SIDES. The red beans and rice. The mashed potatoes. The corn on the cob. The green beans. The dirty rice. The fries. And oh, I almost forgot about the damn biscuits! No one — NO ONE — in the fast food spectrum offers sides better than the ones at Popeye’s.

With that said, though I love Popeye’s, the mere thought of it has never and will never make me cum, unlike the nice lady in the Steve Harvey Show clip below, who claims to achieve orgasm when she merely thinks about Popeye’s fried chicken — the spicy kind, obviously. George Costanza would love her.

(Thanks for the tip, Susana)

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