Steve Martin Does Not Sound Pleased About The Emmys Snubbing Selena Gomez For An ‘The Only Murders In The Building’ Acting Nod

No one said that the Emmy nominations would be fair. Yes, Rhea Seehorn received an overdue nod for her Kim Wexler portrayal on Better Call Saul, and nods were fairly spread around for Pam & Tommy‘s leads and background players. Another Hulu show (Only Murders In The Building), though, saw a major player get the shaft.

That’d be Selena Gomez, who’s pitch-perfect as Bloody Mabel and apparently destined to be vastly underappreciated. Yes, she received a nomination as a producer for the show, but dang, she’s great onscreen, so why no acting nod, too? Instead, Martin Short and Steve Martin both nabbed nods for the Best Actor In A Comedy series category, and Selena went without. The SNL alums were quick to defend their leading lady, too, with Martin speaking with the New York Times to declare, “We’re dismayed that Selena was not nominated because she’s so crucial to our performances, really.”

Martin also spoke with Entertainment Tonight to emphasize how the show couldn’t happen without Selena. “Marty and I, and the whole team at Only Murders in the Building, are thrilled with our nominations,” he added. “We’re also loving that our crucial partner Selena Gomez is recognized as a producer in the Best Comedy Series category.”

Hmm, yeah. It’s not a great omission, and it’d be a pain if Selena (like Rhea) had to wait several seasons for a nomination, but Emmys are apparently gonna Emmy. In the meantime, consider watching Selena + Chef on HBO Max! It’s a joy of a show.

(Via New York Times & Entertainment Tonight)