‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Are Celebrating Rhea Seehorn Finally (Finally!) Getting Nominated For An Emmy

Last night’s Better Call Saul episode spoke directly to Emmy voters:


You said it, Bob Odenkirk (and he has). Kim Wexler is one of the complex, fascinating characters on television, but Rhea Seehorn has somehow never been nominated for an Emmy — until that inexplicable streak ended this morning.

The nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the 2022 Emmys are Patricia Arquette for Severance, Julia Garner for Ozark, Jung Ho-yeon for Squid Game, Christina Ricci for Yellowjackets, J. Smith-Cameron and Sarah Snook for Succession, Sydney Sweeney for Euphoria, and Rhea Seehorn for Better Call Saul.

That is the most impossible to predict category of the Emmys. Every nominee has a strong case to win, so it’s curious that Seehorn was submitted for supporting instead of lead. She might have a better shot in that category, where both Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh were nominated. That’s not a knock of them, they’re wonderful, but no one liked the Killing Eve finale — except the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, apparently.

But come on, Emmys. Give it to Seehorn. Based on Twitter, Better Call Saul fans agree:

The Emmys take place on September 12. You can find the full list of nominees here.