A ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Joins Donald Glover As An Outspoken Supporter Of Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang

We are 38 days away now from the Iowa caucus, the first opportunity for voters to actually weigh in on who will be the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2020. While the Democratic has been shrinking, it’s still relatively large, and the candidates themselves are busy stumping for votes, raising money, and collecting endorsements. As far as Hollywood celebrity endorsements go, Kamala Harris — who dropped out a few weeks ago — led all candidates, followed by Pete Butigieg, who enjoys the support of Larry David, Seth Macfarlane, and Ellen Degeneres, among others.

Cory Booker has the backing of Ben Affleck and Steven Spielberg; Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds support Elizabeth Warren; Tom Hanks has pitched in a few dollars for Joe Biden; and Shailene Woodley and Susan Sarandon, among others, back Bernie Sanders (I should note that several celebrities — like Bradley Whitford, Ben Affleck, and Alyssa Milano — have contributed several thousand dollars to multiple candidates).

Andrew Yang — who trails considerably in most polls, but has managed to qualify for every debate — does not have quite as many endorsements as the rest of the field, but his celebrity endorsements are notable. Last week, Donald Glover joined Andrew Yang’s campaign as a consultant and threw a big fundraiser for the candidate. Among the former tech entrepreneur’s notable other celebrity endorsements are Nicolas Cage, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo.

This week, one of the most popular former cast members of The Walking Dead has also joined the ranks. Steven Yeun — who immigrated with his family from South Korea to Troy, Michigan when he was a child — has come out in support of Yang after meeting and speaking with him several times.

“I didn’t see a traditional politician,” Yeun said in a statement, emailed to Newsweek. “I saw a real human being who is authentic and genuinely cares deeply about everyday people and our country. I think he is rising to the challenge of a new world and he’s uniquely thinking about the future and the life we will leave for our children and further generations.”

Andrew Yang, who signature issue is Universal Basic Income, welcomes the support of Yang, saying that he and his wife are big fans of The Walking Dead. Yang also said he is “thrilled and honored to have Steven become a part of the constantly growing Yang Gang.”

Source: Newsweek