Donald Glover Joins Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential Campaign As A Creative Consultant

After throwing his support behind 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang with a pop-up fundraiser yesterday, Donald Glover has officially signed on with the Yang campaign as a “creative consultant” according to The Hill. During the pop-up, Glover sold collaborative merch from a storefront in LA’s Fairfax district, with all proceeds going to help fund Yang’s longshot campaign. The merch included hats, posters, and sweatshirts.

Yang’s campaign — whose supporters affectionately refer to themselves as the Yang Gang — could use the boost in visibility. As Hasan Minhaj noted on his Netflix show Patriot Act, Yang is such a dark horse at the moment that news anchors semi-regularly get his name wrong on live television and he has actually had less screen time during televised Democratic debates than any other candidate. However, it seems like his platform would appeal to young people: Yang is, among other things, a proponent of a universal basic income, which may become key to keeping the economy going as more and more industries adopt automation of work. Yang’s proposal of $1,000 a month for all American adults may seem attractive to young voters facing a more and more competitive job market that only stands to get worse as jobs are eliminated by machines.

That is, they’d be attracted if they knew about it, which is probably where Donald Glover comes in. Given how his song “This Is America” became a viral phenomenon and he led Disney to the revelatory breakout of Baby Yoda, he certainly knows how to get people talking. Maybe Yang hopes it’ll be enough to get people talking about him and boost him into the Democratic candidacy.