Steven Yeun’s First Order Of Business Post-Oscar Nomination Is To Team With Ali Wong For A Show About Road Rage

Things are pretty great for Steven Yeun right now. A few years ago, he was one of many Walking Dead alums. Today, he’s the first Asian-American to ever receive an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, for the much-liked Best Picture nominee Minari. And his first order of business after that milestone is to team with comedian and actress Ali Wong for a Netflix series about road rage.

It’s called Beef, and as per Variety, it’s a comedy-drama that “follows two people who let a road rage incident burrow into their minds and slowly consume their every thought and action.” It’s stretched over 10 episodes, so that’s a lot of rage for Yeun and Wong to exhibit.

In addition to her work on sitcoms like Fresh Off the Boat (where she was a writer) and American Housewife (where she’s a cast member), Wong is a Netflix regular, co-starring with Randall Park in the popular Always Be My Maybe and appearing as one of the voices on Big Mouth.

As for Yeun, he’s one of the stars of a very good I Think You Should Leave sketch, and as of this writing, you can still watch the role that served as his major breakthrough to where he is now: the South Korean art film Burning, where he exudes haunting ambiguity as a rich guy who may or may not be a weirdo sociopath. And, of course, it yielded this incredible gif.

(Via Variety)