Sting Confirms That He’s Been Stung By Bees

Step back from that ledge, humanity. One of the planet’s most pressing mysteries has finally been solved. Popular recording artist Sting has been stung by bees in our lifetime.

Graham Norton was able to confirm this information on his sensibly titled BBC program The Graham Norton Show. Asked outright if he’d ever been stung, the former Police frontman had no problem fessing up.

“Well, I have,” he explained on the panel. “I actually keep bees… I usually go and visit them just to make sure they’re doing okay, ’cause bees are very stressed at the moment. They’re dying out. So I go and see them and we get along normally, but I was walking away from the hives and a bee came above and stung me right on the crown of my head. And it was the most exquisite pain. It was like a psychedelic experience. And my whole brain went (makes brain melting down the shoulders gesture) and I haven’t been the same since. It was ten years ago. Wow! Sting me again, baby.”

Consider this sufficient warning for when Sting cranks out a triple album inspired by the mysteries of honey. Speaking of which, Sting’s latest effort 57th & 9th is due out on November 11.