Every ‘Stranger Things 3’ Viewer Has The Same Favorite Character Pairing


[extremely light spoilers for Stranger Things 3]

How long did it take before you realized the actress who plays Robin, one of the many new, non-Jake Busey characters in Netflix’s Stranger Things 3, is Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter? For me, it was around episode four. It probably should have been sooner — she’s a fantastic addition, even when doing something as sedentary as watching Back to the Future — but I was too busy being distracted / delighted by the antics of Steve and Dustin.

The most unlikely of character pairings, Steve and Dustin’s friendship was arguably the best thing about season two, and it continued into season three, which premiered on July 4.

“When we went and pitched the season to Netflix, that was never part of it. It’s just something you discover along the way,” co-creator Matt Duffer said about the pair last season. “Steve was kind of getting sidelined because Nancy dropped him for Jonathan, and he didn’t have a lot to do… At the same time, Dustin was really abandoned by his friends, and [Steve] could help. Then we just fell in love with the idea of the pairing, because they were both dealing with heartbreak.”

Neither character dealt with heartbreak in season three, not as overtly at least, but they bonded over, among other things, Robin, stopping the no-good Russians, and killing each other with lightsabers.

We’ll have much more on Stranger Things 3 following the holiday weekend, but for now, let’s take a moment to appreciate Steve “The Hair” Harrington and Dustin Henderson, my favorite “father” and “son,” and Robin. (I almost included Erica, too, but she would call me a nerd, and I’d never be able to recover.)