‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Adds One Of The New ‘Power Rangers’ And Promotes Some Familiar Faces

10.14.16 2 years ago


Aside from David Harbour’s promise that Barb will finally get justice and the Duffer brothers’ recent comments regarding all those fan theories, very little is known about Stranger Things season two. Obviously the surviving members of the gang in Hawkins, Indiana — including the recently-returned-from-the-Upside-Down Will Byers — will be back. Otherwise, who knows? Maybe Eleven truly was the monster. Perhaps the suave Steve actually is the father of Parks and Recreation‘s Jean-Ralphio. I mean, why not?

The latest news direct from Netflix didn’t really offer anything regarding the show’s ever-popular fan theories, but it did announce two brand new cast members and a few promotions to some of season one’s recurring favorites. According to Variety, Sadie Sink (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Americans) and Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers) will join the hit series as Max and Billy respectively. Per the character descriptions, Max is “a tomboy with a complicated history and a suspicious streak,” while Billy — her older step-brother — is a “charismatic Camaro-driving drinker” and “classic girlfriend-stealing bad boy.” In other words, the new guy playing Jason, the Red Ranger, will get the chance to play that character’s complete opposite in Stranger Things.

Meanwhile, Joe Keery (Jean-Ralphio’s father Steve) and Noah Schnapp (Will) have been promoted to show regulars for the duration of the next eight nine episodes. The moral of the story? Spend most of the first season as the story’s MacGuffin or buy into a wildly popular theory about otherwise impossible multi-network show connections, and bam! Promotion time.

(Via Variety)

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