‘Stranger Things’ Has (Once Again) Logged An Absurd Amount Of Hours In Its First Week

As a surprise to nobody, the Stranger Things train isn’t slowing down as of yet. The final episodes of season four dropped earlier this month, and the numbers have confirmed what we already know: people are really watching this show! In case that wasn’t clear by the sheer amount of tweets being made about this series.

The show remained at the number one spot on the Netflix Top 10 with a whopping 188.2 Million hours viewed for the week of July 4th. For those looking to put that number into perspective, that’s 257,807.93 months, or how long it takes to make the next Game Of Thrones book, probably. Of course, most people had that Monday off, so it makes sense to binge it all day while eating hot dogs.

This brings the show well across the 1 billion hours mark, which fellow Netflix show Squid Game reached after another 28 days. The show is still Netflix’s most-watched English-language series ever.

Of course, the fifth and final season will probably be a little chiller in terms of runtime. The Duffer Bros have confirmed that they are looking to make the last season more consistent with episode times. So, no more movie-length finales where you have to perfectly time your snack breaks during the boring parts (sorry, Joyce).

(Via Deadline)