‘Succession’ Fans Are Debating Who’s The Real MVP Of The Season Finale

There are plenty of bad people on Succession (there’s a lot to be said about [REDACTED]’s betrayal in the season three finale, which we’ll get to in the Succession Report Card), but there are no bad performances. Every actor and actress took it to another level in the HBO drama’s best season yet, to the point where the Emmys should give the Succession cast their entire category to — in a twist that Logan Roy would approve of — contend against each other. It’s not fair to the rest of television to have to compete with Jeremy Strong or Sarah Snook or Brian Cox .

But who do viewers think gave the best performance in season three?

If you look long enough on social media, you’ll find a case for nearly everyone on the show (Justice for Comfrey), but there are two clear frontrunners: Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, who is still looking for a chair that he can sit normally in, and Matthew Macfadyen as the wonderfully-named (if not wonderfully-romantic) Tom Wambsgans.

Team Tom:

Team Roman:

Halsey has weighed in with their pick:

Now it’s your time to choose a fighter (who will stab you in the back the first chance they get).