‘Take That Haters,’ Lorde Watched Last Night’s ‘South Park’ And Thinks It Was Sweet

One of the interesting aspects of the 18th season of South Park, at least through the first three episodes, is the continuity of stories and themes. Instead of just beginning each episode with a clean slate, the characters are recalling stories and ideas from the previous episodes, like how Butters was expelled for burning down the gym, which remains destroyed. Last night’s episode, “The Cissy,” carried over the idea that Randy Marsh is actually 17-year old New Zealand pop star Lorde, and despite the typical ridiculousness and crude humor of “The Cissy,” the Lorde angle was actually very complimentary of the “Royals” singer, in that it explained that she is simply a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the T-N-A pop singers that have dominated the industry for so long.

Of course, the obvious questions are: Did Lorde watch the episode, and what did she think of it? Turns out the answers are yes and she was very flattered, as she shared some of her thoughts about the episode on Twitter and Instagram today.

I hope she understands how cool this actually is. I’d still rank appearing on The Simpsons as a higher honor, but being featured on South Park and not being torn to shreds is one of the most incredible things I can think of.

Vince and I agree wholeheartedly that a person who doesn’t regularly watch South Park is no friend of ours. However, in Lorde’s case, she wasn’t even a year old when South Park debuted, so I’ll cut her some slack, while I try to think of a witty way to describe how old I feel right now. So old, you guys!

Perhaps most amazing is the fact that people weren’t outraged on Lorde’s behalf – sort of the way that Spin was last week, before they also embraced their role in this episode – to the point that the singer simply assumed that it was an attack before she even, you know, watched it.

this is actually surprisingly cute – and from what i can tell also has a message of transgender acceptance (i’m still very new with this type of humour so i’m not sure if was actually genuine but it seemed so to me)

She should also realize how awesome it is that she was the focus of a Randy Marsh episode, because he really is the most awesome dad in TV history.

well shit this is downright sweet. take that haters i got a south park episode ☺️☺️☺️

It is sweet, which is something that South Park has always been able to deliver as well as it has been able to DESTROY and ANNIHILATE the people who deserve it. And she even appreciated the bit about the Spin reporter growing a conscience at the end.

also omgggg remorseful hat journalist el oh el

el oh el, indeed, Lorde. Now let’s all enjoy what might be my favorite thing that Butters does…