This Creepy Guy With A Taped-Up Mouth Is The Breakout Star Of ‘America’s Got Talent’

America’s Got Talent has seen its fair share of strange acts. There’s the 6-year-old who sings metal, the dogs who do backflips (they won that season; can you imagine being the classically trained opera singer who lost to fogs?) and an 84-year-old grandpa who sang about sex. But none of these acts were as strange and wonderful as the one you’re about to see. Trust, Tape Face is going far in this competition.

Tape Face? That’s right! Tape Face! Yeah, the name sounds like the guy America — at least the America that watches the show — is going to fall in love with is some kind of super-villain, but he really is just a guy with tape all over his mouth, some oven mitt puppets, and the most intense and romantic stare you’ve ever experienced. (When I first saw the video, I was expecting to be creeped out, and now I just want this guy’s number.)

Here he is in all of his taped-up glory:

Please ignore whatever Nick Cannon is doing in the background. That is not talent and America apologizes.

The guy’s good, right? Like you wouldn’t know what to expect from a dude who calls himself Tape Face and won’t talk to the judges…and then he pulls out the exact perfect Green Day-inspired hipster mime act we’ve all been silently waiting for. The only question is whether what he’s doing is good enough to net him one million dollars. I think so, but he’s got some stiff competition. Have you seen the 13-year-old who sings opera like she’s Maria Callas incarnate?