‘The Daily Show’ Soup-Shamed Ted Cruz Over His Chunky Campbell’s Obsession

Ted Cruz’s unfavorability rating is rising every day, but he’s still fighting for the Republican nomination for the presidency despite attacks at his character, a potential sex scandal, his perceived “creepiness” and being trolled incessantly by the internet at large. He’s had protestors perform an exorcism on him, Donald Trump has attacked his wife’s looks, and his college roommate continually destroys him on the hypocrisy of certain pieces of legislation he’s supported. It’s tough to be Sen. Ted Cruz.

But there’s no issue more pressing in the Cruz campaign than the revelation that the man buys a lot of soup. And let’s be clear — he doesn’t just choose a bowl over a cup at restaurants, oh no. At the CNN town hall this week, Heidi Cruz shocked the world when she recalled a tale of Ted Cruz going to the store and buying 100 cans of Campbell’s Chunky Soup after their honeymoon.

100 cans. 100 cans of Campbell’s Chunky soup. That’s a lot of soup. Some would say too much.

The Daily Show naturally asked the most important question: “Why?” Why did Ted Cruz need 100 cans of soup? Ted Cruz allegedly being the Zodiac Killer has nothing on this mystery.

(Via The Daily Show)