Sorry, Mom And Dad, But There’s A New ‘Teletubbies’ Coming To Nick, Jr.

Pour one out for Mom and Dad’s sanity: The Teletubbies are coming back. The latest thing from your past to be rebooted that you don’t remember ever watching, but whose existence you were aware of (which is good enough for most producers) is the BBC children’s show about Tinky Winky, the gay one, Pikachu, and Dipsy. They taught us so much, like how to turn off our televisions and go outside for some fresh air. Now, a whole new generation will be enlightened.

Nickelodeon has picked up the U.S. TV and on-demand rights to the upcoming Teletubbies reboot for its Nick Jr. channel. The U.S. network also acquired all 365 classic Teletubbies episodes from the original series for Noggin. (Via)

That last sentence is when the word “classic” lost all meaning.

Anyway, 2Tubbies will premiere sometime in 2016, at which suicide rates among parents of small children will increase by 435 percent. Sun-Baby has so much blood on her hands.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)