The 8-Bit Version Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Turns Carl Into The Ultimate Badass

If you have been saving The Walking Dead for a binge watch here over the summer or some other silly idea, you might want to slap a big spoiler alert on top of this video. If you have, prepare to relive some of the best and worst times that the show has offered (best being the awesome first season).

We get the condensed version, I believe based on an 8-bit engine from the original Metal Gear, showing Rick rising from his coma, entering Atlanta, and then instantly leading the entire group into danger. The biggest difference is probably the lack of laundry being folded and Carl’s proficiency with a firearm. I don’t remember a heavy machine gun flying out during the final raid on Hershel’s farm, but I could be wrong. I’ve tried to block that out.

Part two will come next week, with all The Governor theories and Michonne mysteries that you can shake a severed zombie arm at. I’m putting my money on that Governor guy being trouble, possibly unleashing viruses and killing rats. I heard it somewhere.

(Via Cinefix)