The Absolute Best Way To End The Final Season Of ‘Dexter’

We’ll have a full recap of tonight’s episode of Dexter in the morning, but suffice it to say, so far, Dexter’s final season is leading us down a very obvious path, and either it’s going to continue going down the that road — as it did in season six with Travis Marshall and his Dark Passenger — or they are leading us hard one way so that they can pull the rug out from beneath us. More on this in the recap tomorrow.

For now, however, it occurred to me (thanks, in part, to the above image via Reddit) that the absolute best way to end Dexter would be for Masuka to be the brain-surgeon killer. An even better scenario would be that Masuka has known that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher all along, and that Masuka has even helped Dexter out behind the scenes. Think about it: They have the same job. Masuka has access to the same evidence, the same resources, and Masuka has always looked up to Dexter. In fact, Dexter has always seen Masuka as a kind of kindred spirit (he’s the best man at Dexter’s wedding in the books). We also know that Masuka is a sexual deviant (or at least a perv). Isn’t it strange, too, that Masuka almost ALWAYS manages to be at the crime scenes before Dexter?

I’m not saying that Masuka is the brain surgeon serial killer, and there’s little in the way of actual evidence to support the theory. I’m merely suggesting that the writers could work the narrative in such a way that, if he were, it could be believable, surprising, and immensely satisfying. After all, Masuka is the best character on the show these days. Basically, what I’m saying is, though I don’t believe it will happen, I want it to.

(Hat Tip: Reddit)