The Best Part Of This Week’s ‘True Blood’ Was Jessica’s Unaired Blog Video

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07.14.14 5 Comments

This week’s episode of True Blood may not have been great, good or even decent, but it definitely had a few very enjoyable moments. Perhaps the most enjoyable moment – specifically for the male fans – actually came during Jessica Hamby’s weekly blog video that airs exclusively on YouTube, as Deborah Ann Woll’s wonderfully innocent eternal virgin vampire takes time out of the epic battle between man and monster to record video updates for her Internet followers. It’s definitely as cute as it is seemingly stupid, especially since this week’s update was “recorded” while Bill Compton and the good vampires were drawing up their plan to take on the diseased vamps at Fangtasia.

During her video, Violet enters the room to do her Violet thing and be the dominating B-word who doesn’t get nearly enough screen time, and she lectures Jessica on the dangers of followers and so-called zealots. But then, before things could get too intense, Jessica thanked Violet for saving her life, and male True Blood fans everywhere thanked God.

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