Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Shares An Absurd Deleted Scene That Highlights The Deep’s Debauchery

The Boys recently finished filming the Amazon Prime series’ second season that promises to be “better” and more outrageous, along with probably being bloodier, but we need to talk about The Deep. Chace Crawford’s character, a satiric take on Aquaman, stands as one of the most reprehensible of The Seven, which is saying something since the entire series skewers superheroes. Although showrunner Eric Kripke previously discussed one scene that was too much for Amazon, it turns out that there’s another deleted scene with The Deep that was cut for unexplained reasons.

It makes some decent filler while we wait for round two of the series, although it’s not nearly as vulgar and graphic as what we’ve seen from The Deep already, including when he showed off bulge in a calendar to promote the show. His deeply vile streak is on full display in this scene, where he teaches CPR and peppers the lesson with sex jokes.

As viewers will recall, The Deep forced Starlight to perform a sexual favor on him, which was his way of “welcoming” her into the fold. The Deep was later sexually assaulted himself, and his entire character is troubling and problematic, to say the very least, but watching how the show deals with him (he’s currently exiled from The Seven) continues to be an engrossing endeavor. Crawford is definitely involved in Season 2, so it’s safe to say that The Deep will be around to skeeve us out for quite some time.

There’s no word yet on a definite release date for The Boys‘ second season, but the Amazon Prime show will return this summer.