‘The Boys’ Showrunner Eric Kripke Showed Off What Vought Set Its Sights On Selling In Season 3

A fictional world with superheroes is bound to be very different from the one we actually live in, but The Boys universe is only slightly more absurd than ours, at least when it comes to shameless corporations peddling gendered products. Showrunner Eric Kripke knows that better than anyone, which is probably why the second set of images we’ve seen from the set of Season 3 features lots of pink guns targeted toward women.

We’ve already seen a very, uh, up close look at a Homelander statue from the man behind the series. But Kripke shared the latest images on Saturday, showing off three photos from the set in Toronto that show off a new line of Vaught Industries products: GalGear by Vought.

The first image is of what looks to be promotional material for a line of women-marketed weaponry. A banner featuring a woman holding a rifle called Linda Lockett has the GalGear brand name, along with a quote from Lockett about how much she loves guns.

“I love protecting my family,” Lockett says. The second image is more to the point: a banner that reads “Girls just want have guns,” along with what appears to be a much younger woman in hunting camo holding a rifle.

A third image really drove the point home: a hot pink rifle apparently also ready to make an appearance in Season 3.

Interestingly, that image appears to be a photo taken of a monitor of some sort, so it’s unclear if that’s from an in-show ad that will run or simply the showrunner taking a picture of what’s being filmed appearing on a monitor on set.

It’s unclear just how guns will protect you from a person who can make your head explode just by looking at you but, hey, a sale’s a sale. Especially in as cynical a universe as the one shown in The Boys.

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