‘The Boys’ Showrunner Reveals Which Marvel Team Will Be Parodied In The New Spinoff

With season two of The Boys coming to an explosive close this week, showrunner Eric Kripke has started dropping more details on the recently announced spinoff that will take place at a superhero college. According to initial reports, the spinoff would focus on “America’s only college exclusively for young adult superheroes” that’s run by the “Supes” creators Vought International. But now Kripke has opened up on the comics inspiration for the new series.

“I would say it’s loosely inspired by an element of the comics, which is the G-Men,” Kripke told The Wrap. “Part of the G-Men is there’s sort of an educational, college experience.”

In The Boys comics, the G-Men were a “blatant parody” of the X-Men, and it appears that Kripke and The Boys co-creator Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will be mining that storyline for the spinoff. Although, Kripke’s use of “loosely inspired” is notable because the G-Men parody went to some very dark and twisted places in the source material. Here’s a description of their origin story via Comic Vine:

John Godolkin initially kidnapped six children from different homes. They were taken to a secret training center in upstate New York and given weekly injections of Compound-V until they either developed super powers or died. After their powers activated, the children were raised with an unlimited bank account, as well as a not terribly strict system of discipline that followed only one rule, protect the secrets of the G-Men at all costs. Beyond that one unbreakable rule, every human inhibition and taboo was fair game. Godolkin further reinforced this by regularly sexually molesting the children, eventually allowing key officers in Vought-American to join in.

We’re guessing the spinoff will downplay the more controversial elements of the G-Men’s origin story, but then again, The Boys hasn’t exactly shied away from some of the more graphic elements from the comics such as Homelander’s assault of Butcher’s wife or The Deep sexually harassing Starlight. Not to mention, the penultimate episode of season two featured an entire subplot about superhero porn. So… yeah.

(Via The Wrap)