So, ‘The Boys’ Might Really Be Bringing Back Stormfront (Despite, Well, You Know) After All?

WARNING: Spoilers for The Boys Season 2 finale below.

In the aftermath of The Boys brutal Season 2 finale, Aya Cash’s Stormfront was basically reduced to a bloody stump after the white supremacist addition to The Seven pushed Homelander’s son to his breaking point with deadly results. While the show’s creator has confirmed that Stormfront is not dead, there’s not a whole lot she can do in her current “Stumpfront” form, and Cash has previously stated that she only had a contract for one season. With that information in mind, it sure seemed like Stormfront’s story is over, but the latest Season 3 promotional video is definitely throwing The Boys fans for a loop.

In the new “Seven on 7” clip, Vought News Network claims that Stormfront is “securely locked away” following the events of Season 2, but that hasn’t stopped a group of rabid devotees from taking up her mantle. Via Entertainment Weekly:

Since then, a group of Stormfront loyalists calling themselves the Stormchasers have apparently risen up to “keep fighting for Stormfront’s vision for the future” — which, spoiler, was pretty racist.

The Stormchasers also seem convinced that Stormfront is not locked up, which raises all kinds of questions about whether Cash is actually returning to the show for Season 3. She previously told EW, “I’m on a new Fox show now called This Country. My contract for The Boys was only for a year so, who knows? Maybe they can CGI my face in.”

Of course, a little bit of misdirection is part of the superhero genre at this point, and with this latest video, it sure sounds like Cash could be returning as one angry, vengeful, little stump.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)