The ‘Community’ Season 5 Gag Reel Is Here & Alison Brie Has An ‘Oversized C*ck.’ Watch It While You Can.

Hard to say how long this will be up, so get to watching Danny Pudi’s Nic Cage outtakes, Joel McHale’s most excellent forgotten line substitute, a study room f-bomb counter, and Alison Brie threatening to use her “oversized c*ck” for suffocation purposes during some inspired D&D improv (happens around the 2:40 mark, complete with perfect Jonathan Banks reaction).

There’s also lots of dancing and assorted foolishness, everything you’d expect from a gag reel. Needs more Dean rap outtakes and b-sides, but I assume they’re saving those for full album release. NSFW audio ahead…

via r/Community