‘The Daily Show’ Thanks Fox News For 25 Years Of Dividing America With A Rabid Parody Rant From Desi Lydic

“Fox News, you should be proud of yourself for the past 25 years. You’ve brought half this country together, against the other half. Who else has done that?”

Point taken, Desi Lydic. The Daily Show comedian has gone full-steam lately with her parody-filled “Foxplains” rants, in which she skewers stereotypical Fox News devotees. Granted, the stereotype isn’t so stereotypical these days when one considers that Seth Meyers called out Fox News for pushing horse medicine as a COVID cure. And in the above video, Lydic deftly bounces between deranged subjects of perceived obsession (like Malia Obama’s college transcript and Common visiting the White House) with the satire pouring full steam.

All of this is aimed, of course, at the Comedy Central show’s faux-saluting of the conservative cable news network, following The Daily Show‘s video that “celebrates” Fox News’ “25 years of sexual harassment” with on-air lines from Bill O’Reilly and more, years after O’Reilly’s ousting (after 20 years of tenure there) amid revelations that he paid out over $30 million for sexual harassment settlements.

Likewise, Desi does not skirt that issue here. “The looney libs say that Fox News built their empire on sexism, but that’s ridiculous,” she ranted. “Would Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to women who used to work at Fox News if they were sexist?” Hello!” To that point, Gretchen Carlson received a $20 million settlement after she sued former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment), and Carlson took a swing at O’Reilly while declaring, “Nobody pays $32 million for false allegations.”

Back to the above video: it must be noted that Fox News’ website took aim at Desi last week, following her “LEAKED” faux-audition for Meghan McCain’s recently vacated The View seat. Clearly, she’s striking a nerve. Watch that video below.