‘The Daily Show’ Ripped The GOP For Its Never-Ending War Against Liz Cheney And Nonsensical Loyalty To Trump

In January, Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney proved herself to be one of the Republican party’s more independent thinkers when she—gasp!—voted to impeach Donald Trump. But the GOP isn’t about to let that kind of traitorous act go unpunished. Trevor Noah dedicated nearly 10 minutes of Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show to the current war on Cheney, and the (incredibly flawed) lengths to which the Republican party is willing to go to justify their blind loyalty to The Donald, which Trevor described as a current “defining principle” of the party.

As scary as that sounds, he’s right. How else would one explain the GOP’s continued fight to give Cheney the boot? They tried to oust Cheney—who, as chair of the House Republican Conference, is the third-ranking Republican—once before. And it looks as if another attempt to push the ejector button on her seat could come as soon as next week. But Cheney’s not just sitting idly and waiting for that to happen. In an op-ed for The Washington Post this week, she reminded her colleagues that “history is watching” and how they behave right now could be a “turning point” for their party.

While Noah thinks that turning point came a long time ago, he still took a moment to praise Cheney’s willingness to be one of the lone sane voices in the room.:

“I gotta give props to Liz Cheney, for risking her political career to stand up for what she believes in. Because you don’t see that very often, you know. It’s like seeing someone use an iPhone as an actual phone. You’re always like: Damn, sh*t, I totally forgot they could do that. Wow. Says what’s up to my grandmother for me, man.”

Even today—more than three months after Trump hightailed it out of the White House to become an old man who wanders around his golf course looking for weddings to crash—there are still ongoing efforts to overturn the results of the election in states where the votes were close. Of particular note? Arizona, where the Senate is in the midst of a third audit… despite the first two showing no evidence of voter fraud. The audit, it should be noted, is being overseen by individuals like Anthony Kern, a former lawmaker who reportedly took part in the insurrection at the Capitol. Way to spend that taxpayer money, folks. Third time’s a charm!

You can watch the full clip above.