Let Patrick Clair, The Creator Of The ‘True Detective’ Opening, Explain How America Dies In ‘The Division’

The Division is a video game based on the idea that America would fall apart in days if somebody put a virus on our cash. It’s a concept that’s ridiculous on paper, but Patrick Clair makes it feel creepily realistic in the above video.

Clair is a motion graphic designer that you know best from his work on True Detective, and he was hired by Ubisoft to set up just how America is a train wreck when the game’s massively-multiplayer third-person shooting picks up. Of note is that the graphic refers to actual historical ideas and events. Dark Winter actually happened, although the extent of the exercise was a bit exaggerated in the video, and Directive 51 freaks out whoever is scared of the President this week.

The time frame is also somewhat condensed; it’s harder to knock the system out of whack than you might think. Still, the entire idea is to get you ratholing toilet paper and figuring out which of your neighbors might turn into a Mad Max style scavenger, so it’s pretty effective that way. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go buy all the canned goods at Costco.