‘The Good Place’ Finally Showed Us What Happens In Janet’s Void

The Good Place gave us a whole lot of Janet in its mid-season finale in December, but NBC wants to make sure you have all you need until the show comes back in 2019. The finale may have been D’Arcy Carden’s finest performance on the comedy as Janets, who also happen to be the four tortured souls that The Good Place centers around.

People raved about Carden’s performance as four well-established characters trapped in her own body, a bit of Orphan Black action that should earn the actress some nominations when the time comes. But we never truly learned what goes on in Janet’s void. Until now.

The video was a livestream NBC put on YouTube on Friday night, and thousands of The Good Place fans flocked to the site to see just what Janet would do. Entitled “Janet’s Void: What Actually Happens When * BING *” the video, well, doesn’t show all that much.

Janet stands in different poses, sometimes facing away from the camera. Other times not appearing at all. But the video lasts a whopping five hours, so if you’re extremely invested in the ecosystem of The Good Place and have nothing to do you might want to hang out for a bit and see what happens.

Still, Janet seems to be having a much easier time here than when she had three entire human beings in her endless void.

But why would NBC post a video like this in the first place? Does it mean anything more? On a show like The Good Place, it often does. We’ll find out when Season 3 resumes on January 10.