All The Times Rafi Was A Complete Pervert And An Awful Houseguest On ‘The League’

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08.25.15 10 Comments

His brother-in-law, Ruxin, calls him a “homeless, ethnic Santa Claus.” He’s pure, unadulterated id. His best friend is a porn director known as Dirty Randy. He’s known as El Cunado. He’s Rafi, played by actor Jason Mantzoukas, and he’s The League’s unfettered psychopath; a man who goes through life blissfully unaware of his own terrible nature. While he started as a minor character, he stole every scene he was in, was given more frequent appearances, and gained popularity to the point where he was given the spotlight for entire episodes.

Here we look at some of the more outrageous, over-the-top, and downright unnerving lines that he’s spouted over the years.

“I am going to SODOMIZE you on the battlefield. I’m going to have non-consensual sex with your face AND your butt!”

To start things off with a bit of Fantasy Football banter, it quickly becomes apparent that Rafi has a colorful way of trash-talking his newfound league-mates; one that starts almost normal, but like everything Rafi does, escalates to terrifying proportions almost immediately. Kevin, of course, is the first one to receive Rafi’s psychopathic verbal onslaught.

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