We Saw Footage From ‘The Mandalorian’ And It Looks Incredible

04.14.19 2 months ago


Up to this point, all we really knew about The Mandalorian is that it’s going to be exclusively available on Disney’s streaming service, it’s got a heck of a cast (with Pedro Pascal in the title role), IG-88 shows up, and there’s only one official image that we keep seeing over and over again (which is, yes, the one above this text).

On Sunday at Star Wars Celebration in a snowy (seriously) Chicago, we finally got our first substantial look at The Mandalorian.

The big news was seeing the first footage of The Mandalorian, which starts with the title character being offered a series of jobs by Carl Weathers’ character, but the bounties aren’t appealing. The idea is raised of a riskier bounty being offered by another party.

It’s here we see the Mandalorian walking through town and it’s an Easter egg delight. We see poor Salacious Crumb about to be barbecued, we see a gonk droid, EV-9D9 shows up as a bartender, and we even see that probe ball that jolts out at C-3PO outside Jabba’s palace.

The Mandalorian enters a room full of Stormtroopers who are guarding Werner Herzog’s character — who is there to offer the Mandalorian an offer he can’t refuse. And yes, this is a very “Werner Herzog” scene. It’s pretty incredible.

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