The Mountain Might Be Teasing The Cleganebowl For The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’


Look, teasing a fight that is almost guaranteed to happen in the final season of Game Of Thrones seems like silly news. But then again, almost guaranteed isn’t a thing and we might not ever see the Cleganebowl take place between The Hound and The Mountain. That’s why folks are getting excited by a tease by Hafthór “The Mountain” Björnsson for the upcoming final season and claiming that it confirms the showdown is finally happening.

Some background, of course. The Cleganebowl is the eventual showdown between Sandor and Gregor, two brothers that have no real love for each other thanks to some childhood torture and that fun scar on the Hound’s face. Both have gone through a lot in the series up to this point, with each nearly dying — or actually dying and coming back to life — and plenty of cursing and killing thrown in for good luck. The battle was teased in season one — with a different actor playing The Mountain — and has been on the minds of fans since The Hound returned from his apparent death a few seasons ago.

That was likely terrible, but you get the idea. It’s a hoss fight and people want to see it.

According to Digital Spy, Björnsson was asked about his favorite scene in the series and gave this response:

“It happens in season 8… so I can’t speak about it.”

That alone has folks yelling that Cleganebowl has been confirmed and it is definitely on in the final season. It would also support the words of the Hound shared in the season seven finale: