8 Year Later, ‘The Office’ Star Brian Baumgartner Is Still Making A Fortune Playing Kevin Malone On Cameo

Despite portraying lovable-yet-bumbling accountant Kevin Malone on the hit NBC comedy series The Office, actor Brian Baumgartner is proving he’s anything but bad with money. While some of us picked up knitting during the pandemic, Baumgartner is one the many celebrities who turned to cameo as a fun way to pass the time, spread some joy to his fans, and earn a bit of money. However, Cameo CEO Steven Galanis has revealed that what started as Baumgartner “just giving it a try” quickly catapulted him to being one of the app’s top-grossing performers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, just last year Baumgartner earned “over $1 million” making appearances and taking fan requests on Cameo. Considering the star charges $195 per message (and Cameo takes a hefty 25% of each commission) this means Baumgartner delivered at least 6,500 messages to his fans last year — a pretty staggering feat if you ask me. While it might seem shocking to hear Baumgartner top the list when so many A-list celebrities and major sports stars are heavily featured on Cameo’s front page, there’s no underestimating just how much folks adore The Office.

Despite his success, however, Baumgartner has remained endearingly humble about it all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Baumgartner “credits his success to the staying power of the show and the fact that during the pandemic ‘people wanted to make a connection.'” He then added his success is “not really about [him],” he’s just “the person who gets two people together.”