‘The Office’ Actor Leslie David Baker Shared The Racist Messages He’s Received Since Announcing A Stanley Spinoff

Lindsey Broad was only on The Office for a dozen episodes in season eight, as widely despised character Cathy, while Leslie David Baker, who played Stanley, was a lovably grumpy fixture from episode one. But both actors have been targeted by trolls online.

Broad recently tweeted about how she was told “f*ck you, Cathy” after she posted something about her dog being “murdered,” while on Instagram, Baker shared the racist abuse he’s received since announcing his Stanley-centric spin-off.

“For those of you who don’t believe racism is still alive in the world… here’s the proof,” Baker wrote. “Our goal has simply been to entertain and give the fans a quality series. These rants are evidence that there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done here in America regarding racism. Bigotry and hate will not be allowed to irradicate art or Black people. Enough said.” Baker shared the hateful messages with his hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, while censoring one frequently-used slur

As for the Uncle Stan spin-off: the series reached its fundraising goal on Kickstarter last month, and now Baker and “his business partner — Hollywood producer Sardar Khan — plan on shopping it to potential networks and streaming platforms.” Here’s the synopsis:

“After several years of enjoying a relatively uneventful retirement lifestyle, Uncle Stan receives an urgent call for help from his favorite nephew, Lucky: a recent widower with two small children and a motorcycle repair/flower shop in Los Angeles. Soon Uncle Stan finds himself dishing out all the support and guidance he has to offer in his new California home.”

The more Stanley in the world, the better.