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For anyone who happened to get their panties in a bunch about Sarah Palin producing TV shows, relax: they were just meetings. In fact, the show she’s pitching sounds so dull that there’s no chance it’ll get a green light, says Variety’s Michael Schneider:

Reps and producers frequently trot out big-name newsmakers for meet and greets. And net execs gladly take those meetings — if, for nothing else, to meet said newsmaker. No matter what you think of Sarah Palin’s politics, she’s a fascinating character — and someone you’d jump at a chance to chat with.

“Of course you meet with someone like that — even if you’re looking just to take a gag photo for your Christmas card,” quipped one network insider.

This is reminiscent of former President Bill Clinton’s two 2002 flirtations with TV. Like Palin, he met with the networks. And like Palin, he aligned himself with a big time TV entity (in one case, King World). But ultimately, nothing came from it.

Ordinarily I don’t like to double-tap a story like this, but the hashtag #palinshowtitles is trending on Twitter right now, and there are some real gems: “Northern Overexposure,” “Half-term-inator: The Sarah Palin Chronicles,” “The Real American World: Wasilla,” and my personal favorite, “Retard Junction.” I’m sorry, okay? The word “retard” just makes me laugh. Plus “Retard Junction” sounds like a good show.

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