Danny McBride Prays For Patience In The Wonderful First Trailer For HBO’s ‘The Righteous Gemstones’

Ever since HBO graced audiences with the first images of Danny McBride, John Goodman, Edi Patterson, and Adam DeVine in character as The Righteous Gemstones, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the satirical takedown of televangelism. News of McBride’s Vice Principals co-star Walton Goggins’ casting and a short teaser later, the first full trailer for the new comedy is finally here. And, among many, many wonderful things, it features Goggins smiling and dancing for the lord. We truly are blessed.

McBride’s character Jesse, the oldest Gemstone and the supposed “heir to the throne,” opens the trailer with a prayer of thankfulness. As the trailer continues, however, his prayers stray from joy and into much darker territories, like a request for patience that’s repeatedly tested by an unanswered doorbell. “F*cking A,” he mutters under his breath before shouting, “Somebody get the damn door!” Meanwhile, Goodman’s family patriarch, Eli, slaps around his youngest son Kelvin (DeVine). Patterson, who plays the ignored daughter Judy, also begs her daddy for a slap.

So, yeah, The Righteous Gemstones looks weird and wonderful and silly. Also, here’s a GIF of Goggins dancing up a fire for the lord — a precious moment that arrives at the 1:04 mark in the trailer above.