Re-Ranking The Saddest Deaths On ‘The Walking Dead’ In Light Of This Week’s Devastating Loss

11.12.17 1 year ago 6 Comments

SPOILERS through this week’s The Walking Dead episode, “Some Guy”

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead forces a reconfiguring of the saddest deaths in The Walking Dead’s eight-year history. I’ll say right up front, however, that the deaths of Glenn and Abraham are not on this list. Those deaths were not “sad” as much as they were brutal and unrelenting. Negan smashed Glenn’s head in with a baseball bat so many times that viewers could feel little other than numbness. The biggest death in the history of The Walking Dead did not provoke sadness as much as it provoked a sense of hollowness. In fact, the first time Glenn “died” next to a dumpster was actually more “sad” than Glenn’s actual death.

Here, however, were the five deaths on The Walking Dead most likely to elicit honest-to-God tears.

5. Beth — Beth’s death happened so fast — she stabbed Dawn with a tiny pair of scissors and Dawn shot her in the head — that it took a few seconds to register what had happened. Beth’s death left Rick, Tyreese, Carol, and especially Daryl completely shook, but the sadness was multiplied by 10 when Maggie broke down at the sight of her little sister’s body being carried out of the hospital by Daryl.

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